We can’t believe it’s been over a Dozen years since this hit movie came out!

The 2003 family movie Cheaper By The Dozen starred Steve Martin and Hilary Duff – but we caught up with where all the kids are now…

Some are still in the entertainment industry but some others have opted to pursue other interests.

Piper Perabo who played eldest sister Nora, is still in the industry along with Hilary Duff and Tom Welling who played Lorraine and Charlie Baker.

Kevin Schmidt, who played Henry Baker, has transformed – we barely recognised him! He created a web series, called Poor Paul which has a cult following.


Jacob Smith, who played Jake, used to be a part of a punk band and continues to skate like he did in the movie.

Alyson Stoner played lovable Sarah Baker and is a dancer – appearing in a number of Missy Elliott videos.

Forrest Landis who played Mark, Morgan York who played Kim, and Blake Woodruff who played Mike, have all stepped out of the limelight, but Liliana Mumy continues to act.

Twins Brent and Shane Kinsman continued their acting career appearing as twins in Desperate Housewives and ER.

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Photos: Getty & Twentieth Century Fox & Instagram & Twitter

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