The Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is nasty enough as it is, but it seems to be getting worse!

They have already called each other out in songs, fought against each other on social media, and now Taylor apparently prefers tp pretend that Katy doesn’t even exist.

In a new book Superficial, the Watch What Happens: Live, Andy Cohen claims that he nearly facilitated a very awkward run-in between Taylor and Katy at a Met Gala after-party in New York this past spring.

Apparently, Cohen went up to a distraught Taylor as she was claiming she didn’t have a clear view of Lady Gaga’s performance on the main stage.

Cohen explained: “Why I felt I needed to get involved I will never know – maybe I was auditioning for her squad? But I innocently said exactly the wrong thing to her, which was, ‘Your friend Katy is sitting in the corner, and there’s plenty of room around her.”

“Katy who?” Taylor asked before Cohen sheepishly admitted: “I said, ‘Perry,’ at which point she clearly let me know that she’s the exact opposite of her friend.”

So, this is truly awkward.


If you need a full rerun of the drama, just listen to this song.