It seems like a pretty odd combination but some recent photos have got us thinking that The Jonas Brothers are teaming up with Aussie comedian Chris Lilley!

Chris, who is known for creating some hilarious TV Shows and iconic characters, posted some pictures to his Instagram account that have got us all thinking he’s teaming up with the boy band for something special.

The pictures show Joe, Nick and Kevin along with one of Chris’ characters from his new series Lunatics – Keith Dick the fashion designer.

Chris… We mean Keith, is seen with his grey-tinged ponytail and goatee, dressed in grey suit pants, a pint dress shirt and white suspenders, walking a rack of his designs down the road in New York City.

The Jonas bros are seen walking along side him, shaking his hand and looking at his clothes. In one pic, the foursome even stop to grab a selfie with some fans.


In the caption on Instagram, Chris Lilley wrote, “Keith Dick spotted with The Jonas Brothers in New York City” along with the hashtags #keithdick #mydick #lunatics.

No one really knows what the photos mean of if Chris could be working on something with the Jonas Bros, but our best guess at this point is that maybe his character Keith could be trying to dress the Jonas Brothers for an episode in a possible second season of Lunatics.

Lunatics is currently streaming on Netflix and it’s currently unknown if a second season will be made.

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