The Inspirational Story Of A Boy Who Dreamed Of Flying

A smile that could light up a room, and the courage of a thousand lions… Meet Rory! 

Every now and then a story comes along that stops you in your tracks. This is the story of a true little champion: Rory, a 5 year old  boy in Melbourne with Disseminated Glioneuronal Tumors – an extremely rare Brain Cancer. He is 1 of only 200 cases world wide.

Last year Rory was diagnosed with a large tumour in his upper spinal cord and other tumours through his brain & spine. 12 months ago he had spinal surgery and is now 40 weeks through 68 weeks of chemo. The cancer is currently incurable but hopefully treatable to reduce it to a non functioning mass.

Despite the dire scenario, Rory is one of the happiest little kids you’d ever meet. He dreams of being a pilot one day, so Will & Woody sensed the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true! Watch the video to see it unfold.

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