Do you often get lost, spending hours and hours on your phone?

Do you LOVE finding shortcuts and hacks that others have no idea about?

Well, what if I told you you could unlock an AWESOME game via Facebook Messenger, and all it took you was sending ONE emoji, the RIGHT emoji to a friend?

Well, I’m telling you that now.

Yep, a small update to the Facebook Messenger app means that typing in the basketball emoji can now enable a secret mini-game between you and one of your friends.

To start, just locate the basketball emoji (copy and paste this 🏀if you can’t find it in your emoji list), send it to a friend and click it to start the game.

You’ll get a basketball placed in various locations on your screen, and all you have to do just swipe up toss the ball into the hoop.


The goal is to challenge your friend to see who can get the most baskets in consecutively.

Don’t rest on your laurels though, after 10 points – it gets harder.

The ball starts moving, and then after 20 points – it moves FASTER!

This is not the first time Facebook built a mini-game into Messenger, however. Last year, it added a chess function to let you and a friend battle your logic skills out (you can start that one by typing in @FBChess).

If games aren’t your thing, you can also type in @Dailycute for… well, you should actually just go and try that one out! Happy hunting!