If you watch House Rules, you’ll know all about Rob and Rose Plater.

They’re the controversial pair on the latest series of House Rules, who have moved house a whopping 11 times in just eight years.

Rob emerged as the villain early on, becoming known for his fiery outbursts and inability to work with other contestants.

Their three boys made the move with them each time, and they hoped that the West Australian pad that was made over by the Channel Seven reality show would be their final destination. In tonight’s episode, what’s been described as a “colourful retro renovation” of their Rockingham property is revealed and there are several emotional references to the couple’s relief to finally be able to stay put.

“We want to create a home for our boys to grow up in,” “This is a place we want to stay in forever,” says Rob. However, it can be revealed that the pair and their three boys have already abandoned their new home, according to a report on The Daily Telegraph.

A heartbreaking emergency on the other side of the country forced Rob, Rose and their kids to move their lives yet again and fled to Brisbane.

It can be revealed, according to a report on the Daily Telegraph, that Rose’s elderly grandmother Patricia Peile fell ill in September last year.


It was just several weeks after tonight’s episode was filmed. “She has Alzheimer’s and she had an accident at home,” Rose said.

“It wasn’t a serious one as such but it was the final straw. “I moved over in September and Rob and the boys followed about a month later.”

“The kids went over to Brisbane for four months while we did the show,” Rose said.

“They were staying with my parents during filming, they went to school here, which made the later move a bit easier. They kind of already did the transition.”

Family comes first and the Platers are now adjusting to their life in Brisbane’s outer western pocket of The Gap.


The pair have purchased a ‘fixer-upper’ not from the aged care facility where Rose’s nan is living.

“She’s in an environment where she’s safe. My grandfather is an amazing, caring man … he’s moved in as a tenant as well so they’re together, he’s by her side. “They had a similar life in their early married years of moving around Australia a lot for work, very similar to Rob and mine. I’ve always said to him that if we can still be holding hands at their age like they do, then we’ll be very lucky.”

Rob, who is a Navy lieutenant, has taken extended leave to be more hands-on at home. After years of long stretches at sea, Rose said it’s a welcome change.

“Absolutely. He’s learning very fast how to be a parent, the primary caregiver, after being away for so long.”

Rose also spoke about how tough it was to walk away from their newly renovated home.

“We love the house and we love Rockingham. We were there in the new house for such a short period and all of our friends came around and we got to see just how life-changing it was going to be. That’s what all the other teams got to experience. We need to find a truck we can put the house on and bring it over here.”


The family hopes to one day return to Perth to their very colourful abode.

“We’re not sure what we’ll do with that property in the long-term,” she said. “We may end up back in Rockingham one day on a Navy posting. We just don’t know.”

Source: Daily Telegraph