Even mega superstars fan out when meeting each other for the first time and there is no exception for Queer Eye’s, Jonathan Van Ness & Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner!

This moment is hands down, one of the greatest encounters caught on camera in the past decade. It is pure love, admiration and excitement!

In case you missed it, MTV’s annual VMA’s aired this past Tuesday and all of your favourite artists and celebs got together to celebrate music!

While in a commercial break backstage, the magic displayed above happened! JVN & Turner screamed in admiration and were clearly frothing over meeting each other!

Diving right into Thrones talk, “So happy for your ending,” Van Ness gushed to Turner. “Oh my God, I was so relieved. It was the only one I could stomach.” She replied cheekily.


We have literally watched this encounter 1,000 times and cannot stop!

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