In West Philladelphia born and…dead? Yes, according to a heart-breaking theory circulating the interwebs about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. While we were laughing our happy pants off, turns out some think the whole series is Will’s (played by Will Smith) version of heaven.

Theory: He is “shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school” and a “couple of guys who were up to no good’ were really up to no good – killing Will in a fight. The smelly cab is actually his ride to heaven and the gates of the mansion are those of the pearly variety.

Could Will actually be dead THE WHOLE TIME? We’re not sure if we’re emotionally prepared to fully accept this. But, it was a pretty amazing pad – couldn’t blame a guy for choosing it for all of eternity.

Even sadder, theorists say that the only reason his parents visited exclusively on special occasions was because they were really visiting his grave. SOB!

Check out the intro here:


Source: Buzzfeed

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