Sorry, our phone isn’t really buzzing. We’re just practicing our best Love Island shout with news that the newest season is SO. DAMN. CLOSE!

Love Island Australia dropped their first official trailer for season two and boy, oh boy are we excited! (Despite the trailer itself being 100% cringe)

In the quick snippet, our girl Sophie Monk returns as host, dressed a sexy, golden cupid up in heaven who gets a visit from the God of Love (i.e the Iris voiceover guy who we all mimicked saying “MOOOOOON!”)

“We’ve got a big problem with love,” he says. “There’s just not enough. Dating apps aren’t working… we need more love.”

“It’s all taken care of,” replies the angelic Sophie. “I’ve got the perfect place for falling in love. It’s an island… a love island.”


While we don’t yet know who the cast will be this season, we do know that they’ll be hotter than ever.

“Excellent Sophie. And what about hot bods?” the God of Love asked. “We need loads of hot bodies.”

“God of love, you can count on me,” Sophie replied, with her cupid arrow at the ready.

While there’s still no official premiere date for season two, they’ve confirmed that it’s definitely “coming soon”.

We can feel the fanny flutters already!


Check out the trailer for Love Island Australia season two above!