Bruce Jenner has not had a very good few months.

From his split with Kris, to his highly publicised alleged sex change, to a car accident that left a person dead.

Until now, the details of the accident have remained unclear, besides Jenner’s involvement in it, not much else had been reported.

However, footage captured by the camera of an MTA bus has shown the crash in its entirety – including Bruce’s car hitting both the Prius and the Lexus, of which the driver tragically died.

The Prius never made contact with the Lexus, meaning that Jenner could be slapped with a manslaughter prosecution.

TMZ has posted this video on the website, as they’ve reported, this is a re-creation of the actual MTA bus footage. The re-creation, however, does not show the braking of Bruce’s or the other vehicles, which could be a factor.


The MTA video is critical because Bruce, and not the Lexus driver who died, hit the Prius, it makes a more compelling case that he was following too close, which opens the door to a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

Video via TMZ

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