Can you BELIEVE The Devil Wears Prada turns TEN YEARS OLD this year! 

An all time classic that will go down in history for sure, the famous comedy drama is loved worldwide. 

However ten years on, what perplexes us most is how ageless the entire cast is! 

Here’s a run down of where the former staff of Runway magazine are at now… 

Anne Hathaway 

Hathaway played Andy Sachs. While she was already a household name with her roles in Disney’s The Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted and others, she wasn’t the original choice for the role. However at just 23, she proved to be the perfect choice. After Devil wears prada, Anne continued an incredible run of success and still to this day hasn’t dropped off the radar! She is now married to fellow actor Adam Shulman and have a son, Jonathan Rosebanks Schulman together. *Note, still looks 23. 


Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly) 

The ice queen that was editor Miranda Priestly is among Meryl Streep’s best-remembered roles. Despite being in her mid 50s at the time of filming, Meryl continued to deliver incredible performances and in fact, still does! At 66-years-old, she has been married to sculptor Don Gummer since 1978 and has four children. 


Emily Blunt (Emily Charlton) 

Emily Blunt was little known to American audiences before Devil Wears Prada. Since the movie, she has had HUGE on screen success. Today Emily is 33 and is expecting her second child with her husband John Krasinski. 

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Stanley Tucci (Nigel) 

Nigel was the fashion director at Runway and was a rare friend to Andy in the workplace. He married his first wife, Kathryn, in 1995 and the couple went on to have three children. However after 14 years, she passed away in 2009 following a battle with breast cancer. Co-star Emily Blunt later introduced him to her sister, Felicity Blunt who he later married in 2012. The couple are parents to Matteo Oliver. Stanley’s success as an actor continues to thrive. 

Adrian Grenier (Nate Cooper) 


Adrian was already successful with his show Entourage before Devil Wears Prada. His big screen appearances haven’t slowed down either! He played Nate, the supportive chef boyfriend of Andy. 

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