During last night’s episode of The Bachelor, it became blindingly obvious that Nina was the only person who didn’t think Nina was going home.

So once Sam didn’t call her name, then came the waterworks and I must admit, I did feel sad. Nina added another dimension to an otherwise VERY PC group of girls – and I for one enjoyed her closed-eye stares across the room, mostly at Lana.

This morning, Nina was a guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and the guys took the opportunity to ask her what she thought she could have done differently.

“They reckon if I had of (slept with him) I would have been a shoe in to win!” she told the guys.

Woah. That’s a bit intense!

Now, we don’t really know who ‘they’ are, but no matter how confident Nina may be of her, ahem… skills – since there are no sleepovers allowed and just the occasional ‘do you want to go for a quick chat?’ used in a bid to find love, I guess that was never an option – sorry Nina!

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