Internet users everywhere have been left scratching their heads over a picture of a cat… or two? 

At first glance, it seems the orange cat has a shadow, but then, how can a shadow have eyes? 

The image, first uploaded to Imgur three days ago has amassed over 800,000 views. 

While some believe the image is an optical illusion, others say it is definitely two cats. 

Here’s what some of the reactions were below… 

I was halfway through typing ‘bad photoshop’ before I realised… 

I am so confused right now. Is that a black cat or the orange cat has a weird shadow with eyes? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT? 


Don’t worry Ginger, I’ve got enough soul for the both of us… Although why they named a black cat ‘Ginger’ is beyond me…

The original poster, Natural Distortion clarified that in fact the orange cat is called Pete and the black cat is called Sully. 

We can also clarify Pete does have a shadow on the right, sitting between her and Sully.

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