Raven Symone, Anneliese van der Pol, Orlando Brown and Kyle Massey caught up on The View and reminisced on their time on hit Disney children’s show That’s So Raven.

They revealed a lot about the how different the show could have been, if producers didn’t make some last minute decisions.

Firstly. the show wasn’t originally called That’s So Raven, it was supposed to be called Absolutely Psychic.

Raven was originally supposed to play the supporting character, but they changed their direction and made her the lead.

“It was actually named a different show altogether,” Raven said.

“I think it was called Absolutely Psychic at the time,” van der Pol added.

“That was when I played the best friend, not the psychic, and then they changed it over,” Raven said.



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They also revealed that van der Pol wasn’t originally cast as the best friend.


“Anneliese actually didn’t get the part of Chelsea at the very beginning. Somebody else had the part,” Raven said.

Raven basically told the producers that she wanted van der Pol…

“I remember when were in the audition room…I was like, ‘I would rather play best friends with her than the girl you guys picked,'” the actress remembered.

The show ran for three seasons between 2003 – 2007, and was nominated for two Emmy’s for Outstanding Children’s Programming

“We had a really good time period. We captured stories that were touching to the people that were watching us. We talked about topics in a funny/serious way that you can relate to,” she said, “and when you can relate to something, then more and more people talk about it.”

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