If you’re a part of gen Y – and even if you’re not – you’re probably a little obsessed with Instagram.

It’s been dubbed ‘the new Facebook’, which is probably why Facebook bought it – and it’s good they did, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Especially when they start listening to the users and make changes that will both surprise and delight us.

For many of us, the square image template was very limiting.

It meant that we could never have more than three people in a selfie, or have to resort to using an app that provided our photos with an obscene white border. Ugh, who wants to have to use an app BEFORE an app?

Photographing the Eiffel Tower was a nightmare, getting Giraffe’s on your page was near impossible – to say we were limited was an understatement – but luckily, the brains at Instagram were listening.


They’ve changed the app so that you can now upload landscape and portrait photos to your feed. Yay!

When you access your photo gallery from within the updated app, you’ll now see a format button above the camera roll. You can use this button to toggle between square and full-size images. From there, you can zoom in and out to choose the best crop for your photos.


Looks like Kimmy K has already tried it out…

Source: The Verge

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