Celebrities from far and wide gathered to take a shot at pop music’s most divisive figure, Justin Bieber, on Monday.

The Comedy Central roast featured appearances from Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Shaquille O’Neal, but it was Martha Stewart who won the popular vote for best jokes.

The television personality used her own time in prison as the basis for her jokes, offering the Biebs some advice on what to do during his “eventual incarceration”.


Some other choice jokes from the night:

Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy): “This kid has spunk, moxie, and a few other STDs.”


Jeff Ross: “This is the first roast I’ve done for someone with a bedtime.”

Ludacris: “Justin wants to be black so bad he’s actually seen Kevin Hart’s movies in the theatre.”

Natasha Leggero: “Selena [Gomez] is the luckiest Selena in entertainment in history.”

Shaquille O’Neal, on Biebs’ house egging fiasco“Imagine what kind of damage you could have done if you threw like a boy.”

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