Nutella in France has launched a web tool that allows you to enter a customised message which will be printed on a digital jar of nutella to be shared on social media.

However it appears they have blocked a fair few unusual words in order to cover themselves!

Words such as, “turd”, “diabetes”, or any variation of the term “lard ass” will not be allowed.

As well as, “lesbian”, “Jew” and “Muslim”.

Another word banned is “palm oil”, an ingredient used in the product which campaigners are currently trying to get banned.

Despite much criticism the brand is taking it all in good humour.


They even posted a tweet saying “retweet if you’ve tried to get around the blocked words on the #sayitwithNutella campaign.”

They’ve upped their restrictions further but only allowing consumers to select from a list of pre-chosen words and phrases. All of which are innocent terms like “friend”, “star”and “peace”.

What would you want to get written on a jar of Nutella?

Source: Nutella

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