Kyle & Jackie O have Locky zoom-ing in from Perth this morning to talk all things The Bachelor, which starts tonight!

Production ended four weeks ago so Jackie asks him how things are with his new beau!

“We haven’t seen each other at all, he says because of COVID-19 state restrictions!

We can gather a lot of information from this….

According to the WA government website, “You cannot enter WA unless you are an exempt traveller” and to get exemption you need to quarantine for 14 days and take a COVID-19 test.

Which means if they’re from WA, there is no reason to be separated!

So according to our list of contestants and where they’re from, which you can read here:


Here’s Every Contestant From Locky’s Bachie Season, So You Can Stalk That Stalk

Which means it’s DEFINITELY not our contestants from WA, who are:

Kristina Abramoff – WA


Laura Calleri – WA

Clare Lange – WA


You can listen to our whole interview with Locky here!



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