It wouldn’t be the first time that something like this has happened on The Bachelor, but it’s being reported that two of the girls from this season have secretly started up a relationship.

While they were originally searching for love with Matt Agnew on the reality dating show, it now looks like recent evictee Vakoo and one of the girls who is actually still part of the show, Rachael, are now dating.

Photos have emerged of the pair out on what looks like a pretty intimate dinner date together in Sydney last week.

During the date the pair were photographed holding hands and sharing a passionate kiss.

You can see the pictures in New Idea here! No doubt producers won’t be happy about these photographs surfacing as Rachael is technically still in the running to win Matt’s heart.

A source also spoke to New Idea, saying that Vakoo and Rachael quickly formed a friendship during their time together in the mansion but that this blossomed into something more.

In fact, the source claimed that they actually first got together while in the mansion!


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“Rachael and Vakoo formed a really strong friendship in the mansion and their feelings for each other quickly developed into something more. They ended up hooking up in the mansion one night after one of the first cocktail parties. It was never filmed and producers never found out about it,” the source claimed.

“They started spending lots of time together after that. The girls would always see them together, going for walks alone, and started to question if they were more than friends but they never confirmed it,” the continued to tell New Idea.

““Rachael told producers one night in her piece-to-camera that if things didn’t work out with Matt she had ‘plan B’ – and everyone thought she was referring to a crew member or someone back home, and it became this big scandal in the house, but she was actually talking about Vakoo.

“Rachael and Vakoo are still together but have been keeping things on the down-low since they got out.”

It comes after both girls appeared to share their love for each other on Social Media. Rach shared a snap of her and Vakoo in the mansion writing, “Thankful we went on this crazy journey or I wouldn’t of met my soulmate”.


Vakoo also wrote a cryptic post following her elimination from the show, saying, “I may not have found love with the Bach but I found love with some extraordinary women.”

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I went into the one on one time with the intention of showing Matt a different side of me. I can be very giddy and I laugh a lot. I don’t think those traits are immature, I’m just a very bubbly personality in a very unusual situation and he just happened to bring that out of me. We had a good conversation but the giggling was more entertaining to put 😂 What an experience though 😅 Going on @thebachelorau was one of the highlights of my year. I never thought i could live with a bunch of girls and have so much fun. I’ll miss all the laughs, cries, story times, dancing and eating a ridiculous amount of food. I may not have found love with the Bach but I found love with some extraordinary women. I can happily say I have made some lifelong friends. I learned so much about myself, while staying true to who I am and what I believe in. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. I have no regrets and i am really grateful to have been chosen to be part of this season. Thank you to all the people who work hard on bringing something entertaining to your tv screens. Thank you to the sound guys, camera crew, producers, MUA’s, drivers, the two amazing women who took care of us. Most importantly, thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me and rooting for me. I am so overwhelmed by the love and the messages you guys are sending me 🥰❤️

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This also comes after multiple rumours have already circled about Rachael hooking up with one of the producers on the show, which is set to play out on screen this week!

If Vakoo and Rachael really are dating, it woldn’t be the first time that something like this has happened on The Bachelor.

During Richie’s season of The Bachelor, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon famously got together after the series, but their romance was short lived and they are no longer together.