After an emotional, ratings-winning South African proposal, Blake “The Bachelor” Garvey and winning Bachelorette Sam Frost have called off their engagement after Garvey reportedly broke up with Frost. The Perth real estate agent opened up on the split, his perspective and his colourful past in an intimate interview with Woman’s Day.

Blake revealed that the six week engagement to Bachelor contender Sam Frost made him feel “lonely … I put a lot into it and I really tried,” he said. 

Blake regrets turning the Australian reality TV romance of 2014 into marriage. “At the time I felt it wasn’t the best decision. I could see a future with her and wanted to spend my life with her. In hindsight maybe I should have not,” Garvey continued.

Blake blames the heady world of the Bachelor for his decision to rush things. “Emotions were heightened and maybe I put too much pressure on myself. At the time I felt right,” he mused.

However, when they got home, the fairytale did not continue. “It didn’t feel like what I expected or hoped for,” Garvey said, who’s reality for dating must have shifted dramatically since the cameras stopped rolling. One would imagine Sam’s relatively young age may have played a part in why it didn’t work out for the Bachelor, who was allegedly set on marriage.  

Blake confirmed he was still looking for love, but wasn’t seeing someone “new” prompting rumours to swirl he had rekindled things with one of the other Bachelorettes.



Blake said there were three reasons he and Sam’s future wasn’t meant to be.“Being back in reality, in a long-distance relationship, having unfiltered contact and really getting to know each other more,” he explained. “It highlighted that Sam is someone I absolutely love and care for but not in the way of a romantic partner. I realised there was a change over the six weeks – the chemistry changed.” 

“I had fears and doubts like anyone and unfortunately they were realised,” he said.

Frost said she was “blindsided” by the breakup, which allegedly happened the week that The Bachelor finale episode went to air and entranced over a million viewers. Sam has been comforted by her fellow Bachelorettes after the dramatic ending. When asked if she still harbours anger at her ex-fiance, Sam said she was not, just “disappointed.”

Rumours of a Bachelorette series for Australia continue to grow after the controversial second season of The Australian Bachelor’s runaway success. 



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