Channel Ten has been thrown into a social media backlash fight over the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

People are accusing the network of a ‘white wash’ ahead of the season premiere later this year.

The 22 woman who will fight for Bachelor Richie Strahan’s heart include a former athlete, massage therapist, children entertainer and a glamour model.

However, stacks of dans have bemoaned the lack of diversity in the show with one user saying ‘’Way too much white single female going on here and why the hell no Rangas?’’.

Channel Ten’s new addition Survivor has also been thrown into the spotlight with 23/24 of it’s contestants being white.


People are arguing that the line-ups to both shows do not give a view of how Australia is and Channel Ten should have more regimes in place to ensure a broad range of people are included.

Neither Channel Ten or the production companies behind the shows have commented.