Ahead of The Bachelor premiere this year, Channel 10 was really hitting hard on the fact that they finally found a leading man who had the brains as well as the looks!

Matt Agnew is actually our first Bachie with a PhD and a lot of the ads and storyline of the first couple of episodes followed the fact that he’s an Astrophysicist – like “he’s looking for a love out of this world” and “the girls will be starry eyed” just to name a few.

Not to mention that whole trailer that showed him literally flying down to earth from outer space like a super hero!

But just yesterday a rumour began circling claiming that this wasn’t actually true and that instead of studying the stars, he actually works with something sparkly of a different kind… The Moolah!

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, it was reported that Matt was actually working as an analyst at the National Australia Bank’s Melbourne head office.


Hmm, banker doesn’t really have the same ring to it as Astrophysicst does it? (Although it certainly would’ve been easier for some of the girl’s to pronounce…)

A spokesperson at NAB was contacted but couldn’t comment on the rumours because they keep their staff’s information private.

“We treat personal information about our employees and contractors as confidential,” a spokeswoman said, according to WHO Magazine. “Quantium do from time to time provide contractors to NAB.”

And so Kyle and Jackie O decided to reach out to Matt Agnew to get to the bottom of the rumour once and for all.


“Do you want to clear it up here so everyone knows you’re not a liar, you’re not pumping up yourself to make yourself look sexier,” Kyle said to Matt. “What is the real deal?”

Matt clearly wasn’t happy about the rumours, calling it a “scandal” sarcastically and saying that it must’ve been a “slow news day”.

“Essentially before I went in filming I was yeah working as an astrophysicist. That’s all correct,” he said.

Matt went on to explain that since filming wrapped up he has transitioned in his work life but this by no means meant that he was a banker and he is still working in the realm of science.

“I was employed an astrophysicist during filming I finished up some stuff after filming and yeah I basically pivoted and moved int a position as a data scientist,” Matt continued .

“So you’re still using your scientific brain but now when it comes to data instead of just starring at the stars?” Kyle asked.


“Correct. A couple of the buzz words, machine learning, artificial intelligence skill set that I was really keen to develop and so yeah I started working with a data science consultantancy call Quantium,” Matt explained.

“In the two months that I’ve worked for them, I think I’ve had two maybe three meetings at the NAB offices and this was sufficient to create the story that apparently I’m a banker.

“It’s a really boring truth really so I guess the story’s a little more exciting and scandalous.”

So stop getting your knickers in a twist people! Matt is STILL a smarty pants and a scientist and he didn’t lie to us like other Bachies has done about various things in the past!

But this doesn’t mean that his season isn’t without scandal… The Bachelor is teasing a BIG night in their third episode tonight with one girl walking out!


Bring it on!

Hear more from our chat with Matt Agnew in the video above!

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