Yesterday it was announced that another reality TV show had fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic, The Bachelor Australia.

In a statement Network 10 confirmed that they had made the call to postpone production on the next season with Locky Gilbert, as the virus continues to takeover Australia.

With filming of the dating series already underway, meaning dates have happened and connections would have already been formed, fans were left wondering how the show would be able to continue after taking a break.

Jackie O actually questioned this morning whether the season would have to be scrapped altogether!

But luckily Channel 10’s head of entertainment Stephen Tate joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to give us some peace of mind.


He told us that despite having to send Locky and all of the girls home from the mansion to be in isolation, some very real connections have already been formed as they were about a third of the way through filming.

“There’s some very real connections there,” Stephen told us. “We actually wrapped last night in the small hours of the morning and the girls are going to head home today and they’re all going to do the right thing and go into their two weeks of isolation, as will Locky.”

So now they are working through ways to keep this season going so that Locky can still find the love of his life and they can produce a quality show for us all to watch.

One way that this will work is that in a Bachelor first, Locky will actually have VIRTUAL DATES with the ladies while they’re apart!

“We’re looking at ways to eep the show alive,” he continued. “Everybody’s now dating virtually because of what’s going on.”

“So are you going to film those dates while they isolate?” Kyle asked.


“Yeah we’re actually working through that at the moment. We’re calling it ‘Love In Lockdown’,” revealed Stephen.

Stephen also told us that the whole coronavirus pandemic will definitely be something that will be explored in the series and will “form part of the story”.

“We’ve got a good amount of the series in the can, we’re about a third of the way in which buys us a lot of time and we’re going to embrace what’s happening to all of us here in Australia. It will form part of the story,” Stephen explained. “We think we’ll be able to deliver probably the most extraordinary series ever.”

This is going to be a Bachelor like we’ve never seen before! We can’t wait to watch this!

Hear our full chat with Stephen Tate in the podcast below!

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