Bronson Norrish had enough trouble trying to start a relationship with one woman on reality TV but if the reports are true he could soon find himself trying to find the one amongst a whole group of women!

The dust has barely settled on Bronson and Ines’ tumultuous relationship on this season of Married At First Sight, but reports have already emerged claiming that he might be about to take on the role of next Bachelor Australia!

If he accepts this rose, the 35-year-old would follow in the footsteps of one of the most controversial Bachelor’s in history, The Honey Badger.

The reports have come thanks to Bronson’s odds on Sportsbet. After he left MAFS on Sunday night during an explosive commitment ceremony, his odds of becoming the next Bachelor were dramatically slashed from $17 to just $2.00.

“Bronson hasn’t put a foot wrong during the filming of MAFS, he got the raw end of the stick with Ines and handled himself superbly. He deserves another chance and hopefully, the producers look after him this time,” said’s Communications Manager Rich Hummerston.


Of course, Bronson isn’t the only one suspected to be taking on the role as The Bachelor. His fellow MAFS contestant Matthew Bennett (who funnily enough isn’t single anymore) is sitting on odds of $7.00 on Sportsbet.

Meanwhile two TV presenters are also in the mix! Channel 10’s Scott Tweedie is raking in $2.50 while Dr Chris Brown sits at $3.30.


That makes Bronson the top pick at the moment!

If he does end up making the move to the Channel Ten reality tv program we hope the producer’s give him a better go at love this time! Maybe they should ask all the women if they approve of eyebrow rings before casting them in the show…

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