Sex And The City was groundbreaking when it exploded onto TV screens around the world and in the 12 years since it’s wrapped (TWELVE YEARS?!?) it has remained one of the most iconic TV shows of all time.

But there was always one question that remained unanswered.

That is until now.

While Samantha, Miranda and even timid Charlotte were all filmed stripping off for the camera, Carrie never flashed her bits during filming.

And it turns out there’s a very good reason why… Sarah Jessica Parker had a no-nudity clause in her contract.

It even resulted in SJP wearing bras in bed so there was zero chance of a nip slip.

She said, ”I was not comfortable with nude scenes, scenes with sex toys, or vulgar language – so I didn’t do any. My character Carrie, kissed a lot of men – but that’s as far as it went.”



Source: Cosmo

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