When you look at your partner, do you see a sexy beast, or your best friend, or both?

It’s good to have a balance, but remember what they say; friendship is the foundation of a solid relationship.

Here are 5 signs your boyfriend is your best friend…

#1: You laugh ALL the time. You almost have a secret language. Just a look can set the other one off because you know that you’re both thinking about a certain snort you came out with earlier.

#2: You legitimately want to do everything together. Is the new Hunger Games coming out? Awesome! There’s actually no-one else you’d rather see it with.

#3: They’re your conscience. They tell you what’s right, even when you don’t want to hear it. They also show you things from a different perspective and have the ability to make you look at things in a completely different way. You totally balance each other out.


#4: You are completely comfortable. Well, minus the farting and such. There are no airs and graces, just straight up the two of you and you take each other as you are.

#5: When you have big news, they’re the first person you call. The only time that won’t be the case is the proposal – because they’ll already know about it.

Gifs via giphy.com