Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there are annoying people ALL OVER social media.

Some post too regularly, some think they’re always right – and though annoying, these people are at least bearable.

The below list however, have been deemed by many as the most offensive of the bunch. I bet you know someone who fits the bill!

The ‘healthy’ person. We get it, you go to the gym and love showing off your workout gear and your protein shakes and your ridiculously chiseled stomach.

The ‘foodie’. Okay, not EVERY post needs to be about what you’re eating, or what you’ve made or how beautiful your acai yogurt bowl is.

The ‘pollie’. We REALLY don’t need to keep hearing your views on Tony Abbott.

The ‘baby snapper’. We saw your baby just yesterday and agree that yes, they’re totally cute! However, daily updates are not needed. Only YOU think they’re cute enough to coo over every day!


The ‘photoshopper’. Love your big eyes and much slimmer waist, oh and when did your skin get so creamy and perfect? You have NO pores! It’s weird. You know who you are.


The ‘romeo’. It’s so nice to see that you’re happy, but a daily couple selfie really isn’t necessary. We get it, you love your partner and you’re engaged or getting married, we just don’t need it shoved down our throats.

The ‘party person’. You like to party, you like, you like to party and the fact that you post the same drunken photos every weekend proves it!

The ‘scenie’ person. Okay, we know that you like to frequent The Grounds of Alexandria and Bondi Icebergs. You don’t need to check in every single time!

The ‘traveller.’ As if the fact that you seem to always be travelling and have a bottomless bank account wasn’t bad enough. We don’t need to see the photos CONSTANTLY!


The ‘farshion enthusiast’. Whether it’s artsy snaps of your new shoes, or full body shots against a blank wall with a vacant stare happening, it’s only interesting to you and that weird girl who wants to look just like you.

The ‘haters’. Those of you who hate everything and everyone and have something negative to say about everything they see, (and that aren’t nearly as cool as they think they are).

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