Kaysen Latham, a six-year-old from Texas will probably never get on a roller coaster again. 


Because at Wonderland amusement park in Amarillo, his seatbelt suddenly released while the roller coaster was only halfway through. 

Delbert Latham, Kaysen’s father, took his son on the ‘Mouse Trap’ and recorded the moment on his cell phone, not knowing that just second later, his son would slip from his seat. 

Kaysen can be seen falling to the floor of the cart in the video and his dad is quick to pick him up and wrap his arm around him. 

Delbert posted the clip to his Facebook during the week and it has since had over 150,000 views. 


Wonderland have since released a statement that read:

We appreciate his diligence in quickly bringing this to our attention. Wonderland immediately reached back out to Mr. Latham the evening it happened and promptly removed the back card from the ride and ensured all other seatbelts were in proper working order. The Mouse Trap was back in full operation on Saturday. This particular ride was originally built without seatbelts, but Wonderland later added seatbelts as an extra safety measure. The Park’s Safety and Maintenance Team is tasked with conducting daily inspections on every park ride to ensure the safety of park goers. 

Delbert has since said that Kaysen was not hurt and that he won’t be suing but was glad that some attention had been brought to the issue.