It can be testing for the best couple in the world to go on a honeymoon together but what about when you have just got married at the same time as meeting each other?

Well, on last nights ”Married At First Sight” we got to find out exactly what happens when that happens and it got a little bit, lets say, heated.

Jono and Clare were sent to the Northern Territory for their honeymoon and they engaged in a heated verbal exchange while in a canoe.

A furious Jono said his new wife was ”testing his boundaries” and accused her of trying to ”control him” before storming off and leaving Clare behind.

The pair were in a known crocodile hotspot on the Katherine River and Jono’s fear of the deadly reptile started to get the most of him.

He said ” I don’t want to be out there where there’s crocodiles. There’s f****** teeth marks on that thing!”

Clare didn’t exactly help the situation by choosing to tell Jono to ”stop being a little b**** and enjoy it”.


The argument continued as Jono could not walk away from the situation as they were marooned in the river, so when Clare finally tried to calm him down he took it as being told what to do screaming back ”don’t try and control me, don’t try to tell me what I can and can’t do because it won’t work”.

Once the couple were back on shore, Jono stormed off, leaving Clare to spend the rest of the day alone.

Later in the episode it seemed they were getting on again as we saw them kissing in bed as the titles rolled.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Jono and Clare with Jono described Clare as ”the complete opposite of what I ordered”.

I am betting they don’t make it to the end..

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