If you have kids or teenagers you will want to watch this – and you will want them to see it too.

The dangers of meeting people off the internet are well publicized but so many young and impressionable people don’t believe anything bad will happen to them. 

Vlogger Coby Persin decided to put this to the test with a range of young girls aged between 12 and 14… catch being, if they go through with meeting up with the stranger their parents were there to witness it. 

Harsh lessons on reality were learnt, but thankfully in this experiment none of them ended up in a situation of danger. 

Coby posed as a teenager who had just moved to the area, fake Facebook account and all. 

And it was all to easy to make contact and build a rapport with multiple girls – despite having never met. 

Another edition with young boys is in the process of being made – showing it isn’t just young women that are vulnerable. 


Watch the video in full. 

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