Teen Mom is finally making it’s way Down Under with MTV Australia and today we met two of the cast members on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Georgie and Sita joined us in studio this morning to chat about the upcoming first season, their experiences with pregnancy, and what it’s like to raise a child at such a young age.

While both girls told us that they couldn’t really imagine their lives without their children now, they never planned to get pregnant this early on in life.

In fact, Sita told her that her son with such a surprise that she didn’t actually realise that she was pregnant until she was already 5 months along!

“My situation is hilarious,” Sita told us this morning. “When I found out I was pregnant I was actually 22 weeks pregnant!”


And it turns out that the whole time she was pregnant without knowing, it didn’t slow her down either! In fact, Sita had still been playing in her footy team!


“It was the day of my grand final, I was playing rugby league,” she explained. “I was getting knocked around… getting tackled and tackling girls.

“And then when I found out, grand final day, doctor called me right before the game and was like, ‘Hey you’re pregnant’,” she continued.

As soon as Sita found out that she had a baby growing in her belly she immediately decided not to play in her grand final.

“I kept it quiet but I said that I wasn’t feeling well.”


When Sita had to then break the news to her parents that she was pregnant as a teenager, she said that it was tough because they were pretty disappointed in her.

“I thought I was going to get the hiding of my life,” Sita said. “My mum, she was just like disappointed.”

Thankfully, Sita couldn’t be happier with her little family! Her son Tane is now 6-months-old and she’s raising him with her partner Thomsen.


You can watch Sita and her family when Teen Mom Australia airs on MTV on Foxtel, Foxtel Now and Fetch this winter!

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