When this 17-year-old woke up from his wisdom teeth surgery, all he wanted was … Beyonce.

In the latest post-surgery viral video, Cody Lanphere‘s mom captures him in the car on the way home from his procedure and he is immediately upset that Beyonce didn’t come, claiming she broke her promise.

“Where’s Beyonce?” he says through tears, wails … and a mouth full of cotton. “She told me she’d be here.”

The video continues for 12 minutes with varying streams of consciousnesses. At one point, Cody wants to go to Africa to see Beyonce, and then he is convinced he is already in Africa.

It all takes a turn when Cody has the revelation that he is actually the “Drunk in Love” singer (at the 10:45 mark above). “I’m Beyonce!” he tells his mom after she disagrees with him that he’s nauseous. “You don’t tell me what to do.”

If only we all had a little Beyonce in all of us, but Cody has the right the idea.

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