Taylor Swift’s latest act of good is making us shed actual tears.

When Lindsay, of Nashville, Tennessee, was recently hospitalized following a car incident that left her with a broken back, the “Delicate” musician thought to brighten her Swiftie’s day with not only flowers — but a special handwritten note from the singer herself.

Swift’s thoughtful note reads as follows:

Hi buddy. I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, my heart aches knowing that such a wonderful person is having to go through this. I hope these flowers brighten your day. You’re gonna rock that neck brace and soon we’ll all be bopping at shows together again. Give hugs to your family for me. I am so happy you’re okay. Love, Taylor.

Overwhelmed with joy, the fan responded to the 29-year-old’s heartfelt gifts on her Twitter account. “I finally stopped crying long enough to post that taylor swift just sent me flowers and a handwritten note,” Lindsay tweeted Tuesday (April 9), with photos of her showing off her presents from her hospital bed. “Im still in complete utter shock. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 thank you so much. i love you endlessly, you have NO IDEA how much this meant to me. see u on tour bb.”

Lindsay also says the gesture was a complete surprise, as she had no clue how Swift even learned about her accident. Her reaction was priceless nonetheless, and she later posted a video of her emotional response. “Here’s a video of me ugly crying….so hot, i know. i still haven’t stopped breathing it’s fine, everything is fine,” the fan jokingly captioned the clip. “I’m so injured but so happy lmao … god i love u so much.”


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