Taylor Swift has always been about the Easter Eggs and today she took to a very exciting Instagram Live to confirm that some of our theories are correct and relate to her new music!

Yesterday, in a post to her Instagram stories Tay Tay told her followers that she would be doing a very important live stream at 5PM Eastern time, which was 7am here in Australia.

So of course as the clock struck 7 we were all glued to our phones ready and waiting to hear what Miss Swift had for us all.

And thank goodness we did because it was a BIG!

Taylor’s big announcement came in two parts. The first? She has a new single literally dropping later today!!

It’s called ‘You Need To Calm Down’ (although we don’t know how that will be possible after an announcement like this) and it will be released at Midnight eastern time which is 2pm here!

You can Keep KIIS Loud to hear the single first!


The music video for the song will premiere on June 17.

The second announcement was about Taylor’s new album which will be released August 23! The album is titled ‘Lover’ and will feature 18 tracks.

The date for the album is special to Taylor because as she explained, August is the 8th month, and 8 + 2 + 3 = 13! i.e her lucky number!

Watch the video above to see Taylor Swift’s exciting music announcement!

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