Taylor Swift reportedly put an interviewer in their place over asking a somewhat rude question.

The musician, who has been making promo runs for her upcoming new music and smash single “ME!” with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, was put into a very awkward predicament during a recent radio interview.

While sitting down with Germany’s RTL, the hosts of the show apparently made the unfortunate mistake of asking the “Delicate” star whether her turning 30 this year would signal a “turning point” in her life and career — specifically one that would involve her to “settle down” and have kids, potentially with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.


The notion, in itself, has an uncomfortably sexist implication behind it — and so the artist swiftly shot the question down. “I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30,” the “End Game” star supposedly retorted, “So I’m not going to answer that question now.”


Instead, Swift proceeded to comment: “I hear others say that one in his thirties no longer has as much stress and anxiety in life as in my twenties. And I can join in the observation that we are in our twenties looking to gain experience, try things out, fail, make mistakes.”

While not giving too much into the matter of age, the songwriter seemed to have a very hopeful outlook on hitting the big 3-0 in her March profile with Elle, saying at the time: “I’ve heard people say that your thirties are ‘the most fun!’ So I’ll definitely keep you posted on my findings on that when I know.”

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