Taylor Swift is just one of those performers who wow you.

When she’s happy, you’re happy right along with her, when she’s sad you’re close to tears with her. Such was the case when Taylor took to the stage for her Arizona concert when she sang ‘Ronan’, about a little boy who died of cancer, for just the second time publically.

While introducing the song the other night, Taylor was on the verge of tears while openly discussing her own mother’s battle with cancer.

The song ‘Ronan’ was released by Taylor in 2012 after she read Ronan mother, Maya’s, blog about what it was like to see her toddler struggle for so long, only to pass away at just four years old.

With Maya and Ronan’s other family in the audience for the Arizona concert, it was the perfect occasion for SWift to perform the song. The moment was incredibly important because the only other time SWift had performed the ballad was during a StandUp2Cancer ballad.


Source: HollywoodLife

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