Big breasts are a fickle thing. Loved by men and often loathed by women – they can be a real blessing and a curse.

Don’t get what I mean? Well you wouldn’t would you? Especially if you’re a man or a woman with a flat chest (don’t be offended by that remark, you’re far more blessed than I am!)

See why…

#1: We can’t wear ANYTHING cute or backless. Anything! Not wearing a bra is NOT an option.

#2: They’re destined to point downwards. Sagging is a reality with anything that big. No matter what you do and how much you support them, they’re always going to disappoint you by pointing downwards while your flat chested friend stays perky.


#3: Working out is NOT fun. They bounce, they hurt, they whack you in the face.

#4: Guys don’t look at you in the eyes. EVER. It’s good if you want someone for a night, but if you want someone for longer – it SUCKS.

#5: They sweat. Badly. Yep, as soon as you get hot, your forehead sweats and then the girls sweat too…

#6: The back pain can be severe. I’ve had friends who have had breast reductions and while men gasp and get upset at the loss they feel they’ve suffered, girls rejoice. Finally! We can jump around!

#7: Laying flat hurts like a bia***. Seriously, tummy time is out for us girls.


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