If you were a fan of boy bands in the late 90s / early 2000s then this will be music to your ears!

It has long been known that the Backstreet Boys would reunite for Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary episode but a cryptic tweet has us all on our toes. 

*NSYNC have released a tweet this morning that has us thinking they too may reband for the occasion. 

Fans have been in a tailspin since the news, hoping they will perform as a group on the show!

It’s been a huge month for the group with Lance Bass marrying his husband and news that JT is set to become a dad… but this would just be icing on the cake! 


Who else will be glued to the TV to watch the SNL episode! 

Just for kicks here is a flashback of NSYNC in their hey-day… We can’t even process the amount of bleach and printed fabric that went into these outfits! 

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