Instagram user Bofokaram has uploaded a video to instagram of the moment a stalking jaguar leaps at a handler in a mexican enclosure. 

The video shows the cat moving behind the handler with the intent of surprising it’s prey and then at the moment it leaps…

The handler counterattacks the big cat who leaps off a ledge and at the handler, landing effortlessly at his feet! 

The whole encounter is a few seconds but they are nail biting because jaguars are known to be fierce predators in the wild! 

And then suprisingly, the handler treats the animal playfully pushing it away and even kissing the nose while the big cats mouth is open and showing it’s powerful teeth. 

The post is affectionately titled Papa Bear and Kal-El with several hashtags to save animals, the black jaguar and the white tiger as well as the planet and even has a hashtag #notpets which we would agree with. 

Bofokaram has also posted dozens of other videos of these powerful animals and lions all with similiar messages to save these beautiful animals. 


So, okay the jaguar seems more surprised by the handler and is doing nothing more than playing with the handler after the encounter including returning the handlers kisses with licking! 

It is astounding that this powerful wild animal can be such a soft, loving and playful creature but it seems that instagram user, bofokaram, is familiar with big cats with literally dozens of posts about the animals on his instagram page. 

According to the NY Daily News, Eduaro Serio and his organization, the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation saved the jaguar in the video, who was named after Superman.

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