The Bachelor Australia only kicked off last night, and we haven’t even met all of the women competing for Matt Agnew’s heart yet, but bets are already on for the outright winner!

Ahead of eight new arrivals heading to the mansion in tonight’s episode, people are already putting money on betting websites like Sportsbet on who they think will end up with Matt in the end.

And some of the odds are actually unbelievable!

According to the Sportsbet website, the top three picks are the obvious choices, including Chelsie at 1.60, Elly (who got the Golden Ticket last night) at 5.50 and Helena at 4.50.

But from here on out, things get kind of questionable…


Gemini girl, or Abbie, is sitting in fourth place at 6.00, but following close behind her is an unexpected girl, Kristen at 8.50.

In case you’re wondering who Kristen actually is, let us just say that her name is Kè lǐsī tīng in Mandarin… So that was a surprising pick to us for number 5! We reckon Kristen is more likely to end up with in a serious relationship with The Great Wall of China.

Following in at number 6 on 12.00 is Monique, who we haven’t actually met, but still has better odds than a lot of the original girls. Even more surprisingly, our stage five clinger for the season Emma is sitting just behind her on 14.00.

Other bets worth mentioning are our resident mean girl Rachael, who came dressed as an actual bride, has scraped in somewhere in the middle for 21.00.


But to be fair, she’s actually tied with a bet placed on there being ‘No Winner’ which is also paying out 21.00. Hilarious! Although Matt Agnew did tell us that he is still with his winner – So unsure whether that’s a smart bet.

As we get down to the bottom of the list, we’ve got people like Vakoo, Danish, Nikki, Jessie, Jessica and Julia. And coming in dead last is Mary at 101.00.

We’ll have to keep an eye on how the rankings change as the show goes on. But we reckon those top three are pretty accurate!

Sportsbet is also taking bets on how many people will watch the finale episode.

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