Rumours have been swirling around that the Bachelorette’s Georgia Love and Lee Elliott have already called time on their relationship.

And Lee has done very little to put those rumours rest, having recently DELETED Georgia’s name from his Instagram biography.

A saved version of Lee’s Instagram account found that he used to use Georgia’s Instagram handle next to a love heart emoji.

However, that has now disappeared.

The Daily Mail Australia is reporting that the couple have not been pictured together for a week, which doesn’t sound like a long time, however, in the previous week, they had captured pictures together almost every other day.

Last night, the couple posted this photo, however, confirming they are together.


The Bachelorette has also cooed about the winner of her heart, when Lee gave her a pendant with the letters B and L, claiming the letter B stood for her late mother Belinda Love.

Lee also left a comment on Georgia’s most recent Instagram picture, which depicts the news reporter out with a male pal.


‘You’re looking mighty fine also @Georgia Love’, cooed Lee.  

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