Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger has said she needs to send an apology email to Hamish Blake after making a joke during her acceptance speech last night.

She told Jase & Lauren that her brain was ‘scrambled’ when she went on stage to accept the most prestigious award of the night, where she made an awkward swipe at fellow nominee and 2022 Gold Logie winner Hamish Blake.

After explaining that the pair shared the same manager, Mark Clements, she revealed details of their private conversation regarding who would win the Gold Logie.

She said that Clements had said “People are a little over” Hamish, implying that he favoured her chances of winning over his.

“He said, ‘Frankly I am hoping that [Blake] will leave the agency so I can concentrate all of my efforts on you, Sonia,’” she said.

The camera awkwardly cut to Blake looking shocked at the comment and then bowing his head into his hand.


“I am paraphrasing Mark’s words… he didn’t say that,” she explained after an awkward reaction from the crowd alongside Blake.

After her big win, she chatted with Jase and Lauren on the show this morning about her controversial comments.

“I had written something. It was in my bag so that didn’t help, so I kind of just had to wing it and my brain was so scrambled,” Kruger said.

She explained she’d been “going since 8 am” and when the winner was announced, she was “dreaming about cheeseburgers and fries in my room.”

She discussed her joke which landed her amongst heat online for the way it came across.


“I was making the joke about our agent, Hamish and I, and I think people took it seriously. It was an absolute joke and the agent found it funny, I hope Hamish did too. I must give him an apology email today.” she explained.

Listen to the full chat with Jase and Lauren below:

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