We all know that when you’re on a show like Big Brother, you’re kept in the dark about what’s going on in the outside world unless something major happens that the housemates need to know about.

And well, thanks to the insanity that has been the year 2020, the all new Big Brother season not only had to fill in the housemates on what was happening, but they actually had to put production on hold for a while!

Of course this was all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

When Big Brother first started filming and all of the housemates went into lockdown, coronavirus had barely made it over to Australia.

But pretty quickly things went down hill and the pandemic took over, and so the Big Brother crew had to work out how to deal with it while filming the show.

Host of the show, Sonia Kruger, joined Kyle and Jackie O to tell us exactly how they explained the situation to the housemates, telling us that the cast didn’t believe them at first.


“When they went into the house the pandemic really hadn’t sort of hit Australia and it wasn’t a thing,” Sonia explained. “As lockdown kind of commenced we thought, we’d better let them know because they’ve got family and friends on the outside that they would be concerned about.”

At first the housemates thought that the crew might have been playing a joke on them. When you thin about it, it would sound super weird being in lockdown in the BB house and hearing that the outside world is actually in lockdown too in their own homes and fighting over toilet paper at the supermarkets.

“They were skeptical,” Sonia continued. “And then we obvsiouly reinforced on them that it was true and it’s actually happening.”

In order to make the housemates believe the situation, they actually sent in the executive produce to tell them rather than getting Big Brother himself to make the announcement.

And things certainly became very real for the housemates when production was actually shut down completely due to the virus.


“The executive producer went into the diary room and spoke to them through the diary room so they understood the gravity of the situation,” Sonia said.

“You’ll see some of what happens during that time, because what happened then was that one of our crew members came into contact with someone who had tested positive…. She then had to be tested and we had to stop production until we got the all clear.”

So what did the housemates get up to during this time? Sonia told us that they stayed in the house but they had what she described as a “mini break” as they didn’t have to compete in challenges, nominate or eliminate during that period.

“So the housemates stayed in the house and they had like a mini break where they watched movies,” she explained. “We were still filming but they didn’t have to do any challenges or anything, they just had a little mini break.


“And when we got the all clear I went back in and told them that everything’s fine and while that was happening, there were two women brawling over toilet paper in the shopping centre, and they were like, ‘bullsh*t!’.

“And I said no I’m serious, there are police now at Woolies and Coles, and they were like, ‘What are you talking about?’.”

It certainly would be hard to believe all the fuss about loo paper if you didn’t see the actual footage like we all did here on the outside world!

We certainly can’t wait to watch and see how the housemates react to the news!

Big Brother starts next Monday at 7:30pm on Channel 7.

Hear our full chat with Sonia Kruger in the video below.


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