This morning, we had beautiful mother-of-one Snezana on air with Kyle and Jackie O, who spilled the beans on last night’s episode.

She told the guys about her kiss with Sam and how she was worried about ‘girl code’. She also spilled the beans about her daughter watching the show.

“Does she get confused seeing Sam kiss other girls, like Heather?” Jackie asked.

“No, she has better things to do than watch… haha – she only watches when I’m on TV,” Snezana said.

Jackie then proceeded to ask about Snezana getting the heads up when Sam was going to kiss someone else.

“Does Sam give you the heads up when an episode is coming up when he’ll be kissing someone else, because Heather mentioned he did that with her?” Jackie asked.

“No, I have had no contact with Sam since the show ended.”


As one of Sam’s current clear favourites, this was very surprising! However, Snezana could definitely be lying to cover up what happened at the end of the show.

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