Plenty of musicians have been keeping busy during their time in isolation working on new music, recording covers of songs for social media and participating in concerts from their own homes.

But how is Taylor Swift spending her time at home? Fans seem pretty convinced that she’s working on something from her past and re-recording one of her old albums!

And after looking at the picture posted to Swift’s social media accounts that looks like it could be a very sneaky easter egg, we have to say we think they’re right!

It looks like the ‘Shake It Off’ singer is re-recording her 2012 album ‘Red’, eight years after it’s original release.

Why do we think that? Taylor posted a selfie with the caption “Not a lot going on at the moment”.

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Not a lot going on at the moment

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If you’re thinking that the caption looks familiar, then you’re right because it’s actually the phrase that is written across a T-shirt that Swift wears in the music video for her hit song ’22’.

And what album was this song on? None other than ‘Red’.

The quote also seems to be a bit of a pun, hinting that she may actually have a LOT going on at the moment if she really is working on the album again.



Not to mention the picture of Taylor makes her look very innocent and pure, which seems almost reminiscent of Taylor’s look during her ‘Red’ album era. Swift has also turned off the comments on the Insta post – maybe because fans were guessing what she was up to?

If you’re wondering why Tay Tay would re-record one of her albums, it’s all to do with her legal battle with Scooter Braun, who bought her masters not too long ago, meaning that he owns her entire back catalogue of music.

Taylor was furious about Scooter owning her music so she told fans that she would record new versions of her albums so that they belong to her.

And looks like ‘Red’ will be the first one that we see remade! We’re down for that. We spent HOURS in our childhood bedroom jumping on the bed shouting ‘FEELIN TWENTY TWOOOOOO-OOO’ and we’d happily do it again now as an adult!

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