Snapchat’s new feature is a swipe-friendly way to access movie ticket sales! 

The super popular app recently partnered with Twentieth Century Fox and according to Variety, users will be able to buy tickets for the upcoming X-men: Apocalypse. 

This campaign will be short lived, closing off on May 26th, the day before the film opens in the US. 

Plus, it’s technically only accessible by American snapchat users… but if the feature is successful there’s no doubt we may too, be blessed with the convenient feature. 

This is how it works: 

The tickets are accessible when Snapchat users watch the X-Men video ds on the service and then swipe up on their mobile screens. 


Then, users just need to head to or to buy the tickets for the movie. 

Would you ditch the massive queues and be keen to purchase movie tickets for new films on Snapchat? 

We’re all for it!! 

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