Simon Cowell has spoken out in a new interview with Billboard magazine, and he said some not very nice things to say about the boy band borne from X-Factor, One Direction. 

But his comments aren’t meant in bad taste, in fact the band members agree that it’s a pretty accurate comment from when they were younger!

Simon, 56, said working with One Direction after the X-Factor win was “a nightmare”.

He explained he was “half-joking” when he said it, but his reason why makes sense: “They were like five puppies — really excited, loads of opinions, always wanted to hang out.”

Louis Tomlinson, one-fifth  one-fourth of the band, agreed: “I’m sure we were a nightmare.

“We were at the height of our immaturity, always running around and being mischievous. There were so many meetings where Simon had to snap us to attention, but he was very patient.”

Doesn’t Simon sound like the proudest adopted stage dad ever?


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