It’s been a few weeks since the horrific Martin Place siege and just as life is beginning to get back to normal for everyone affected by the tragedy, reports have emerged that one victim is ready to tell their story… for a fee.

Marchia Mikael, who is the woman who was carried out of the Lindt Cafe by armed guards has reportedly recorded a paid-for television interview due to air in February.

Her lawyer, Jason Arraj has said that [the interview] ‘has to be a win-win transaction.’

“When I say I don’t want to be ­insulted, I’m saying I don’t want a figure of $10,000 — that’s not going to cut it at all,” Mr Arraj said.

Other reports have claimed that the mother-of-three, Mikaeal intends for her sum (which is said to be a six-figure number) will be going towards a foundation, or another charitable cause.

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