Sia’s latest interview with GQ was a lot more wild than we expected for the once camera-shy singer. We found out that Sia has become a mum by adopting a boy, but also that she is DTF with Diplo.

“Much of our relationship is just being spent trying not to have sex so that we wouldn’t ruin our business relationship because he’s super-duper hot,” she said, proving we’re not the only ones who think that.

“This year I wrote him a text, and I said, ‘Hey, listen, you’re like one of five people that I’m sexually attracted to, and now that I’ve decided to be single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son, I don’t have time for a relationship .… If you’re interested in some no-strings sex, then hit me up.’”

Sia recently collaborated with Diplo and Labrinth on their project “LSD“, and Sia went on to say that Diplo is “the sweetest thing in the world”, but “one of the most insecure boys I’ve ever met”.

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“He doesn’t think that he’s good enough at anything. He has crazy low self-esteem…it’s so interesting because he’s one of the most talented and attractive people in the world. But he doesn’t know it.”

The 45-year-old was previously married to Erik Anders Lang. After two years of marriage, the pair parted ways in 2016.  Diplo, on his part, has two kids with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Lockhard. Sia did not go on to say whether her request for sex with ‘no strings attached’ was fulfilled…

Want to dream it was while listening to some great tunes? You can catch LSD any time on their iHeartRadio Artist Station.

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