Shane Warne has spoken out against an ex-lover, who after spending the night with him, sold her story to Woman’s Day magazine. 

After meeting the cricket star on Tinder, Kim McGrath revealed all the intimate details of her encounter with Warnie in an Adelaide Hotel room, calling it a “wild romp.” 

The 43-year-old mother told the magazine that Shane was one of the best lovers she’s ever had saying, “he was very strong in the bedroom.” 

“He was definitely in charge. He asked me to keep my heels on while he spanked me.” 

After Kim’s story was published, Warne took to social media to voice his opinion.

He wrote: ‘Respect, honesty, trust & your word is all you have. Living your life valuing these principals is so important…Shame not everyone does !’ 


He has since followed up to say,

“If someone wants to be silly and go and do something like that, then fine,” Warne said. “But I wish they would get some facts in there rather than sensationalise it.”

At the moment Warnie is happily single with his primary focus being on his three kids, Brooke, 17, Jackson, 16, and Summer, 14. 

“I can guarantee I am 100 per cent single,” he said. “My kids are my No. 1 priority, (then) my work, my poker, my cricket commentating, my foundation.

“Having a girlfriend or someone is way down the list at the moment.’’ 


Source: Sydney Confidential

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